Huge Dunker Punk Success Story!

Last month I was in the recruiter’s office in support of my friend who was going to the navy. I was talking to the recruiter and he told me that with a little work I would make a good sailor. And at the time I didn’t have many options for my life so I was planning on going.

Then at National Youth Conference 2014 I felt the lord’s presence, and I felt all week that He was calling me to a different path, and Bethany seminary was advertised a lot throughout the week, and Wednesday night I heard Jarrod speak about Alexander Mack and the dunker punks and it was like an epiphany. It hit me all of a sudden like all week with these gentle nudges, and then God slapped me across the face with the Bible like here it is this is it. I was crying throughout Jarrod’s sermon so I made the pledge to be a dunker punk,  and being a dunker punk can’t be just saying that I am one but actually being one by living out my faith, but also fighting the fight with the towel of servitude and doing what God made me to do.

-Anonymous Dunker Punk

One of the greatest aspects of being a Dunker Punk is how active we are required to be. It’s all well and good to have a philosophical love of peace, but unless we take radical, active steps in our lives to follow Jesus’ teaching of peace and enemy-love, we cannot truthfully call ourselves Dunker Punks. To be a Dunker Punk is to shut out every influence other than our call from Jesus. We must live out our faith, not just in belief, but in action. To be peaceful isn’t the same as being passive. On the contrary, ours is an active peace, a vigorous, persistent love for Jesus, for our Neighbors, and for our enemies.

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If you were inspired by this Dunker Punk testimony, then please visit our Responses page to see how other Dunker Punks are moving to become devoted and obedient servants of Christ!

Do you have your own Dunker Punk success story? Do you need prayers and support as you take action in becoming a radical follower of Jesus? Do you need someone to hold you accountable for what you have resolved to do? Then please share in the form below!


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