Dunker Punks value simple spiritual practices, such as reading the Sermon on the Mount and praying the Lord’s prayer daily. And we put those practices into action. We don’t just read the Sermon on the Mount, we listen to it, we live it. We don’t just pray the Lord’s prayer, but we live out its wisdom, seeking to create a world on earth as it is in heaven.

DunkerPunks.com is a community of radical followers of Jesus. DunkerPunks.com seeks to:

  • Connect Dunker Punks with one another
  • Create a space for Dunker Punks to express their thoughts and share their journeys, big and small
  • Provide spiritual practice and formation resources to help Dunker Punks remain faithful and committed to following Jesus

Click here to join the DunkerPunks.com community! Let us know what radical, simple things you’re doing to follow Jesus.


Mustard Seed Revolution

When we allow ourselves to become the image and vessel of Jesus’ love, then pretty soon this movement can accomplish some amazing things.

Dunker Punks In History

The following is a list of Dunker Punks who have distinguished themselves in their set apart ministry of the cross. It is important to remember that these individuals did not act to be remembered as individuals.


A young person who is a member of a rebellious countercultural tradition that radically commits their life to living God’s Calvary-shaped love in the power of the Spirit, to the glory of the Father.


On the evening of Wednesday, July 23, 2014, Jarrod McKenna challenged those gathered for worship at the Church of the Brethren National Youth Conference to embrace their spiritual heritage by engaging in a “Mustard Seed Revolution” that heralded to the genesis of the Church of the Brethren and Christ’s plan to plant the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.


The current contributors to DunkerPunks.com are Jenna Walmer and Emmett Eldred. If you want to contribute, send an email to dunkerpunks2014@gmail.com

Dunker Punk Stories

The original Dunker Punks from Schwarzenau, Germany were set apart by their commitment to community and togetherness. Let us lift each other up in prayer and support. Let us hold one another accountable as we seek to be radically devoted followers of Jesus. Remember, we are Called by Christ, and Blessed for the Journey Together. … Continue reading Dunker Punk Stories

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