Dunker (n.)

A member of the Church of the Brethren, a sect of Anabaptist Christians founded in 1708 but living in the US since the 1720s. Peacefully, Simply, Together.

Punk (n.)

A young, radically counter-cultural person driven by nonconformity and committed to personal ideals rather than social norms. Troublemaker.

Dunker Punk (n.)

A young person who is a member of a rebellious countercultural tradition that radically commits their life to living God’s Calvary-shaped love in the power of the Spirit, to the glory of the Father. (Definition by Jarrod McKenna)

This definition was supplied during the Wednesday evening service at National Youth Conference, 2014. The movement is rooted in Church of the Brethren youth. However, a Dunker Punk need not be “young”, rather they must be youthful in their passion, energy, and devotion to Jesus’ love.  However, it is youth led. Likewise, a Dunker Punk need not be Church of the Brethren, just committed to the ideals of nonconformity, nonviolence, and obedience to Jesus and his Calvary-shaped love, ideals that the Church of the Brethren certainly holds.


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