Anonymous Dunker Punk Update

“I have been born and raised in the Church of the Brethren. Both sides of my family have been members of the denomination for generations. I have been interested in different Christian faith traditions for a while now, I have been looking all kinds of them. In the process, I forgot the beauty of my own tradition.

Jarrod reminded me of that. I have been struggling with doubts and questions for a long time. They had been stopping me from being able to move forward in my faith. While they continue to plague me even now, at the anointing service the day before I had resolved to give them to God and no longer let them keep in the way of my faith journey. Jarrod’s message seemed to perfectly complement what happened in my soul the day before.

So I stepped forward and resolved to recommit myself to the Lord. I’m still trying to work out with that means for me. I’ve had experiences like this before, but in a couple days I just go back to being my old self. I don’t want that to happen this time. I pray to God that it will not. I am trying to figure out what changes I should make my life to truly be a Dunker Punk. I’ve had a bunch of ideas, but I’m worried that they are more about me and my glory and God. I ask for your prayers of guidance.”

-Anonymous Dunker Punk

The original Dunker Punks from Schwarzenau, Germany were set apart by their commitment to community and togetherness. Let us lift each other up in prayer in support. Let us hold one another accountable as we seek to be radically devoted followers of Jesus. Remember, we are Called by Christ, and Blessed for the Journey Together.

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0 thoughts on “Anonymous Dunker Punk Update

  1. Amy DeFazio says:

    Prayers for you. We need to claim the future for the Church of the Brethren. Our heritage and beliefs are unique in the Christian community. I hope you find a community to strengthen your walk. I need prayers for a decision to switch to a new COB church that will further me in my walk with Christ. My current church is stagnant and after 19 years there, I do not feel inspired or led by my current church community. It is too homophobic, Fox Newsy, political, and preaches intolerance.


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