Dunker Punks Everywhere are Moving to Promote Peace

Dunkerpunks.com just got two related testimonies that show how committed this movement is to promoting peace and sticking to our tradition of enemy-love, even in the hardest of circumstances. As you read these quotes from Dunker Punks who have decided to start doing something amazing and larger than themselves in the name of promoting Jesus’ love, we encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can help, or what else you can do to live up to your responsibilities as Dunker Punks and Mustard Seed Revolutionaries.

At NYC a few of us felt the call to really try to do whatever we could for the situation in Nigeria. We came to the conclusion that the best thing we could do would be to try to stand by Stan Noffsinger and our denomination in the effort for peace.

We have started a Facebook page called Muna Daya (look it up) with the mission of loving our enemies as Jesus did before us. Specifically we want to love Boko Haram. If we are lucky we can show people like the members of Boko Haram the value of loving those we disagree with. “Muna Daya” is Hausa for “We Are One.”

– Anonymous Dunker Punk, Western Plains District


I made the commitment to be a Dunker Punk because I felt that God was calling me to do greater things, and engage in a deeper faith. Now I am working together with a friend from NYC to spread of movement of love for our enemies.

We started the Muna Daya movement in hopes that we could extend love to the leadership of Boko Haram, and encourage the world to do the same, so that perhaps we can find a peaceful resolution. Like our Facebook page! Our journey is just beginning!

– Cameron Clark, Western Plains District

Click here to like Muna Daya on Facebook! Offer words of encouragement and prayer in the comments below, by sharing this article with your friends, and by supporting Muna Daya as they continue on their journey!

To read about what other Dunker Punks are doing to follow Jesus, visit our responses page!

If you’ve been feeling God’s call, or you’ve already responded to God’s call to become a Dunker Punk, write about it in the form below!


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