Dunker Punk Stories

The original Dunker Punks from Schwarzenau, Germany were set apart by their commitment to community and togetherness. Let us lift each other up in prayer and support. Let us hold one another accountable as we seek to be radically devoted followers of Jesus. Remember, we are Called by Christ, and Blessed for the Journey Together.

Please read the stories shared by fellow Dunker Punks on how and why they are going to be radical followers of Jesus. Then email us at dunkerpunks2014@gmail.com to share your own!


Starting by memorizing the Sermon on the Mount.

– Anonymous Dunkerpunk


I stood because I saw how close Jarrod was with God, and it was so inspiring to see that if we just give Him our heart and soul, He will provide for us greatly! It also made me feel good inside seeing the happy people that Jarrod and his family (with the help of some awesome people) gave a place to stay. Jarrod’s sermon was so inspiring to me and it made me want to live more like him, and since I can’t be Australian and have awesome dreads like him, I suppose the only thing left is to love God and to love others with as much passion as Jarrod does.(:



I stood because the week at NYC was an amazing one. I learned so much and God revealed so much to me. I realized that so often we have mountaintop experiences like this one and then go home and so easily forget everything and fall back into the slump of normal life, and God is calling me to change that. I ask for prayer for everyone who answered the call to becoming a “dunker punk”, that they would find their calling in the Lord, claim it, and then LIVE IT OUT. I would like to pray for this revolution, that radical love would be shown to all the world.

-Anonymous Dunker Punk


I have been born and raised in the Church of the Brethren. Both sides of my family have been members of the denomination for generations. I have been interested in different Christian faith traditions for a while now, I have been looking all kinds of them. In the process, I forgot the beauty of my own tradition.

Jarrod reminded me of that. I have been struggling with doubts and questions for a long time. They had been stopping me from being able to move forward in my faith. While they continue to plague me even now, at the anointing service the day before I had resolved to give them to God and no longer let them keep in the way of my faith journey.

Jarrod’s message seemed to perfectly complement what happened in my soul the day before. So I stepped forward and resolve to recommit myself to the Lord. I’m still trying to work out with that means for me. I’ve had experiences like this before, but in a couple days I just go back to being my old self. I don’t want that to happen this time. I pray to God that it will not. I am trying to figure out what changes I should make my life to truly be a Dunker Punk. I’ve had a bunch of ideas, but I’m worried that they are more about me and my glory and God. I ask for your prayers of guidance.

-Anonymous Dunker Punk


I always struggled at getting closer to God. I didn’t feel him like others did even though I knew he was there. Five days before NYC, I was in Explore Your Call with Bethany Seminary, and suddenly a shift happened in my heart and understanding and passion for God. My world was turned upside down by Christ in the best of ways.

So I decided to stand up that night and join the Mustard Seed Revolution because I want to share Christ’s love to others by helping them and giving them joy. I want to grow into the person and leader I feel God has called me to be through my everyday life. I prayed for five others on that Moby floor arena and nothing felt as good as letting God use me as a conduit for his words.

Already I have spoken to my best friend about my experience extensively. Throughout the years of our friendship, I have brought her closer to God. She used to believe in nothing, but now she believes God exists and is so proud of me that I’m so passionate about God even if she is still questioning. I’ve tried to let God shine through me, and it’s working. And now, because of NYC, I have become so passionate about Christ when I’ve never been so passionate about anything else.

I want God to work through me to transform the world into a better, more peaceful and loving place. I want this so bad. I can’t wait for God to use me to do it. I can’t wait for the future of all the Dunker Punks. 🙂

-Anonymous Dunkerpunk


Sermon today centered on Dunkard Punks and commitment to Radical Love and Radical Obedience

-Mary Eller, Atlantic NE District


I am finding myself already trying to slip into my old way of thinking. When I was anointed I had resolved to stop letting my constant doubts and questions control my faith life, but they are all coming back again. I am trying to discover how to deal with this. I am also trying to discover what changed I will need to make to my life, and what I am called to do now.

-Nolan McBride, Northern Indiana District


Last month I was in the recruiter’s office in support of my friend who was going to the navy. I was talking to the recruiter and he told me that with a little work I would make a good sailor. And at the time I didn’t have many options for my life so I was planning on going.

Then at National Youth Conference 2014 I felt the lord’s presence, and I felt all week that He was calling me to a different path, and Bethany seminary was advertised a lot throughout the week, and Wednesday night I heard Jarrod speak about Alexander Mack and the dunker punks and it was like an epiphany. It hit me all of a sudden like all week with these gentle nudges, and then God slapped me across the face with the Bible like here it is this is it. I was crying throughout Jarrod’s sermon so I made the pledge to be a dunker punk,  and being a dunker punk can’t be just saying that I am one but actually being one by living out my faith, but also fighting the fight with the towel of servitude and doing what God made me to do.

– Anonymous Dunker Punk


Seeing all if the testimonies gives me such joy and happiness! It gives me the will to work harder towards getting closer to God and his calling for me.

Anonymous Dunker Punk

At NYC a few of us felt the call to really try to do whatever we could for the situation in Nigeria. We came to the conclusion that the best thing we could do would be to try to stand by Stan Noffsinger and our denomination in the effort for peace.

We have started a Facebook page called Muna Daya (look it up) with the mission of loving our enemies as Jesus did before us. Specifically we want to love Boko Haram. If we are lucky we can show people like the members of Boko Haram the value of loving those we disagree with. “Muna Daya” is Hausa for “We Are One.”

Anonymous Dunk Punk – Western Plains District

I made the commitment to be a Dunker Punk because I felt that God was calling me to do greater things, and engage in a deeper faith. Now I am working together with a friend from NYC to spread of movement of love for our enemies.

We started the Muna Daya movement in hopes that we could extend love to the leadership of Boko Haram, and encourage the world to do the same, so that perhaps we can find a peaceful resolution. Like our Facebook page! Our journey is just beginning!

– Cameron Clark, Western Plains District

I share your concern that I might be seeking self-glory when trying to make an impact for God. I will remember I am not alone in this struggle and won’t forget to lift you up as I press on.

-Suzanne, Virginia/Mid-Atlantic District


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