Agape In Action: A Briefing on Kingian Nonviolence

Thursday, April 30 – 5pm-7pm Eastern time

Dunker Punks is coordinating with On Earth Peace to offer a second webinar on Kingian Nonviolence. Contact Emmett Eldred to register:

Kingian Nonviolence = applied agape love

As Dunker Punks and disciples of Christ, we believe that following Jesus’ instruction to be completely loving includes challenging systemic instances of violence against others and actively seeking out peace and justice for all. Studying Kingian nonviolence equips us with Christ-like strategies to create a more just world that more closely resembles God’s Kingdom.

Kingian Nonviolence provides key lessons from the black-led US freedom and civil rights movement in easily learnable and teachable values and skills, so that they can be available for use today. The Kingian approach includes principles of nonviolence, steps for a nonviolence initiative, methods for organizing and mobilizing, and aspects of ongoing nonviolent struggle.

The April 30 webinar will introduce the Kingian approach overall, and provide more in-depth orientation to King’s six principles of nonviolence.

It is On Earth Peace’s hope that these webinars may open a doorway to more substantive learning opportunities, relationships, and ultimately to shared work to build peace and seek justice. Followup face-to-face training is available, as well as expanded webcam training and relationship-building.

The five-year vision of On Earth Peace’s Nonviolent Social Change ministry is to join with and support an expanding multicultural, multiracial and feminist community of nonviolence practitioners, who are undertaking creative organizing projects in their own settings and areas of concern.

The fifty year vision we serve is a multicultural and multiracial nonviolent army of people across the country and around the world, who have the skills, confidence, and spiritual power they need to challenge violence and build peace in their own contexts and as a connected, collective force.

There is no cost for this training. An option for giving a free will donation in support of the ministry will be offered after the training.

Please contact Emmett Eldred to register:

Contact Matt Guynn with questions about the webinar:


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