Sue Williams – Newton COB, Western Plains District

Jesus called us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked,and not forget the widows and orphans (the outcasts of his society). In my job, I assist Adults with Disabilities in a working warehouse, Opportunity Village, where we offer them pride, purpose and a paycheck. In my free time, I keep up with news reports from EYN the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria ( much larger than the Church of the Brethren in the US) and their struggles fighting Boko Haram, extremism in Nigeria. . I also support Black Lives Matter movement. The fight against racism is very personal because my husband Mark is African American. He could teach a class on racism in TV and movies which would blow your mind!! Mark likes to feed the neighbors in our RV park, many of them sell their food stamps for drug money. He does it in honor of his mother,who always looked out for those who needed a meal , and always shared what they had. I am also reachin g out to people at Bohoc Church of the Brethren in Haiti , to see how we can share what we have. On a personal level, I try to conserve water and Electricity by downsizing our lifestyle, in hopes to save the planet for future generations. Other Dunker Punks can help by learning about Electric cars, windmills, solar energy,how you might benefit from racism (Read Troubles I’ve Seen by Drew G.I.Hart) or attend young adult conference in May 2016 at Manchester University. Learn about Boko Haram and Peaceful Muslim groups. Attend a work project in Haiti.


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