Sarandon Smith – Palmyra COB, Atlantic Northeast District

I follow Jesus by putting into action his teachings. By being an activist and advocate I stand and speak for “The least of these”. My journey to follow Jesus is leading me into a life of leadership where I will work to address the causes of social injustice, and hopefully change the society I am part of.

Other Dunker Punks can help by getting involved in activism within their communities, and our world. Small acts of stewardship may include staying informed about politics, international relations, and situations of social and economic injustice. DPs can also go one step further by getting involved! Check out Christian Citizenship Seminar! Send letters to you government representatives, and seek out discernment with God when making political decisions. Always ask yourself WWJD, it’s corny, but true. Sometimes (most of the time) what Jesus would do is throw aside personal interest in order to work for the greater good.


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