Morgan Dickason – Antelope Park COB, Western Plains District

Q: Why did you choose to become a Dunker Punk?
A: This summer I was confronted with the realities of the situation in Nigeria with the religious prosecution of the EYN (Church of the Brethren of Nigeria). I was deeply conflicted about it all, due to the limitations we are met with when looking to help with situations such as this. I met with several people who were directly involved in addressing this conflict, to discover that raising money for the EYN really wouldn’t help as much as I had thought, and that volunteering to go on behalf of the girls would not change the situation. So, I sat down with a mentor and thought it all through. Finally, I came to the conclusion that the best thing we could possibly do to try to help the EYN, is to show Boko Haram what love really means. So, a small group and I embarked on a journey of demonstrating how love and agreement are not the same thing.

Q: In what ways are you taking radical steps to follow Jesus?
A: Often times we take the messages of great thinkers and dismiss them as “Well duh” ideas, when really we have no idea what enacting these messages really is. For example, Jesus said to love your neighbor, Jesus said to love your enemy, and then Jesus gave you a hateful neighbor. At this point we resort to being friends with our neighbors down the road instead, and make excuses in our minds as to why that was the right thing to do. The point here is that to love your utmost enemy is one of the most radical ideas in existence, because it just “doesn’t make sense.” However there is an alternative, which is to make sense of it based on the idea that hate is simply the lack of love, and that hateful people need our love the most. Jesus did not walk with the loved, he walked with those who needed to know what love was.

Q: How can other Dunker Punks help you or pray for you?
A: We are looking into doing regional talks nationwide at select events, and are always looking for more people to speak regionally on our behalf. In addition, prayers for Boko Haram and our efforts to love him are appreciated, but a simple prayer that God’s will be done in this regard would suffice. If you are interested in actively helping us with your individual skills, feel free to contact us via the Muna Daya facebook page and we would be sure to get back to you promptly.


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