Michael Himlie – Root River, Northern Plains District

While I am extremely privileged to have worked with Brethren Volunteer Service, Christian Peacemaker Teams, New Community Project, Brethren Disaster Ministries, On Earth Peace, the Church of the Brethren, Camp Pine Lake, and more, my main focus currently is to work with youth and young adults in advocating for peace and justice, living through faith more each day.

After making the decision to strengthen my conscientious objection status by sending in my draft card (Selectice Service Card) to the Selective Service System, and declaring myself ‘deregistered from the draft’, I have heard back that I can not deregister, including my draft card sent back to me. I had known I could not deregister, but cannot consciously be part of a system that justifies maiming human life, and are honored for it.

I have decided to start a project known as #SendItBack where each time the Selective Service System sends my card back to me, we as Church of the Brethren youth and young adults, with the support of Dunker Punks, On Earth Peace, and the Office of Public Witness, will increase, in solidarity, the number of draft cards sent back, declaring ourselves as deregistered from the SSS.

If you, or you know of someone who would be interested in joining the #SendItBack movement, please contact me, I would be honored to join hands with more of our sisters and brothers in Christ!


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