Jacob Crouse – Warrensburg COB MO/AR District

The Dunker Punk movement is a community of people who want to actively live out Jesus’ teachings. It’s not something easy but it’s beyond powerful. I want to be a part of this community and I want to promote the peace, love, and hope of Jesus with my Brothers and Sisters!

I’m working with some punks to start a community based around the arts. We want to make art inspired by our beliefs that people of all backgrounds can be drawn to and commune around. We want to bring social justice and environmental issues and solutions to light through music and paint. We want to learn peace and share it with people. I also shaved my mustache post-NYC as a sign of commitment and a reminder (every time I look in the mirror…or feel a breeze) to stick to my beliefs in my actions and decisions I make. It’s also a visual statement to others. By having a Brethren beard, people wonder what my background is or why I shaved my mustache and it opens up the opportunity to talk about anabaptist history. Brethren, Amish, Mennonites, etc. shaved their mustaches because it was popular in the military to wear elaborate mustaches. Shaving set them apart visually and showed their commitment to pacifism.

I would love to work with people who seriously want to collaborate on some Dunker Punk music. I don’t live near many Brethren but collaborating through online mediums is entirely possible. I would appreciate prayers for guidance as we begin organizing this DP art community.


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