Clara Nelson – Cloverdale COB, Virlina District

It was incredible to hear Jarrod McKenna speak, and even more incredible to be invited to join a revolution. I am excited to join a group of young Brethren committed to living like Christ. I am concerned by the decreasing numbers of the church especially among the young adult population, and hope that this group can keep youth and young adults inspired and involved. I love being Brethren. It is a big part of who I am. I am excited to embrace our heritage and spend each day living a little more like our founders and like Jesus.

I am radically following Jesus by staying involved in both my congregation and the larger Church of the Brethren. By volunteering to help with NYC and serving as a workcamp coordinator.
By trying to love all people every day.
By working hard to ensure that my future occupation, though not directly related to ministry can serve both people and Christ.
By being participating in mission and service projects.
By taking seriously Jesus’ call to serve the least of these.

Please, pray for my upcoming veterinary boards, that I would be able to study well and do my best on this exam. I could also use prayers for safe travel to Haiti for a 6 week veterinary external rotation.


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