Christy Crouse – Warrensburg COB, MO/ARK district

How am I radically following Jesus? Well, today a random guy from India came up and started talking to me. He said he was told he couldnt wear earings and follow Jesus. He went to a Mormon church. I told him he could. Then he said he was thinking about stopping believing in God because God did too many bad things to him. I told him I didn’t think God sent bad things to people in their lives, but was a refuge from those things. I said I’d pray for him. He said no! Don’t! Everything I pray for ends up the opposite. So, I said I’d send him good Jesus vibes. He took it 😀 so…stuff like that, an everyday radicaaall! Also- I do my best to help in realms of inclusion, peace, diversity, environmental protection, social justice, service- all of the good stuff! How can other Dunker Punks help? JOIN IN THE MOVEMENT! SPREAD PEACE AND JOY. BE REAL. LOVE ALL AND BE ACTIVE WITH IT. BE JESUS-Y FOR REAL.


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