Cameron Clark, McPherson COB, Western Plains District

My faith journey has been long and hard. There have been doubts and there have been revelations, but in the end, it all led me to NYC. There, I felt the community and fellowship of the Brethren church in full force. For the first time I felt a part of something amazing, and it inspired me to devote my life to Jesus in new and exciting ways. So when Jarrod asked us to stand by him, and become a Dunker Punk, it seemed meant to be; the perfect way to seal my commitment and show my determination to live a whole new life in new and radical ways.

When I first made my commitment and became a Dunker Punk I thought I knew what I was getting into. But within a few short hours I was already in deeper than I ever saw coming. Before I even knew what was happening, I had joined forces with a friend to start a movement. Now, Muna Daya is in the early stages of a fledgling organization. Muna Daya means “we are one” in the language of the Hausa people of Western Africa, and in the end that is the message we seek to spread. In specific, Muna Daya seeks to express love for the leadership of Boko Haram, despite their hand in the kidnapping of our sisters and other acts of violence. We believe that if people can rise above their hate and love as Jesus taught us, then we can learn to live in true peace, and perhaps even change the hearts of those that seem beyond all reach.

Muna Daya has one simple need: reach people. All that I ask of you is to love, and speak. Speak to all who will listen and spread the word. Spread our message everywhere that you can, and live these words that you spread: “Love everyone. Love your family, and your friends. Love Boko Haram. Love your neighbor, but most importantly, love your enemies.”


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