1000+ Letters for Nigeria Days 264-266

Learn more about the 1000+ Letters for Nigeria Project! 

I haven’t had internet access for the past three days, but now I do, so here’s where the last three days of letters have gone to!

Anuradha Foundation
American Public Works Association
American Refugee Committee
Arca Foundation
Agency for Relief, Development, and Conflict Resolution
Art for Humanity
African Services Committee
Assist International
Asylum Access


Contribute to the project!

Send non-monetary donations (stamps and envelopes) to:
Emmett Eldred
Carnegie Mellon University
SMC #2046
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

Sign up to write your own letters!

Contribute directly to the Nigeria Crisis Fund


We want to know about it! This is your movement, and we’re here to help you express your Radical, nonconformist approach to following Jesus!

Please fill out a Dunker Punks Profile and email dunkerpunks2014@gmail.com about your vision!


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