1000+ Letters for Nigeria Day 74

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I want to begin with a few words before I get to today’s letters. In my letters today, I say:

“When I look at the EYN, I see Jesus. I see his teachings put into action. I see what the church is supposed to be to the world. The EYN inspire me to be more like them by putting my faith into action and speaking out against violence and standing up for peace.”

When we talk about Dunker Punks, the EYN are the Dunker Punkiest of all. What are Dunker Punks? Counter-cultural, radical, and obedient followers of Jesus.

The EYN live in a culture of violence, which they counter will love, even for their enemies. To be radical means to return to your roots, and the EYN return to their anabaptist roots by being ardently peaceful and to their Christian roots by accepting Jesus as Lord, obediently following his teachings about love and subversive nonviolence. The EYN are awesome Dunker Punks, which is why I wont stop advocating for them.

During the week of NYC, I felt a lot of strong stirrings about the EYN. I wondered how we could enjoy such a fun, exciting conference, while our Dunker Punk brothers and sisters suffered and lived out our shared faith through the gritty, harsh terms under which it is most meaningful and important.

I know many of you felt strong stirrings about the EYN too, and I know that that’s what was on many of your minds when you committed to be Dunker Punks. For the next couple of weeks, I will be trying to reach as many Dunker Punks as possible, especially those original Dunker Punks who stood up at NYC.

If you are Dunker Punk, especially one who had the EYN in mind when you became a Dunker Punk, please, click here to fill out a Dunker Punk profile. If you do, I can contact you and we can work together to help the EYN, and you can share with this movement how you are working to live and love like Jesus.

Today’s letters go to:

Kalamazoo Peace Center
Peace and Justice Center of Nevada County
Alaska Peace Center

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Send non-monetary donations (stamps and envelopes) to:
Emmett Eldred
Carnegie Mellon University
SMC #2046
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

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Please fill out a Dunker Punks Profile and email dunkerpunks2014@gmail.com about your vision!


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