1000+ Letters for Nigeria: Day 1

Click here to learn more about the 1000+ Letters for Nigeria project.

I decided to write my first Letters on behalf of the EYN to the three men that represent me in congress:

Click on their pictures to read my letters! You’ll notice that all three of these letters are very similar. As the campaign continues, I will select the people that I write to based off of how much I think they can help, and the content of the letters will reflect this.

Unfortunately, none of these three men have much influence in foreign policy, nor do they have much interest in foreign aid.

Still, writing to the men or women that directly represent you in congress is a good place to get started. Find the name and office address for your Representative and Senators, and send them letters!

Want to get involved?

Contribute to the project!

Send non-monetary donations (stamps and envelopes) to:
Emmett Eldred
Carnegie Mellon University
SMC #2046
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

Sign up to write your own letters!

Contribute directly to the EYN Compassion Fund!


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