This Church Has Joined the Movement. Have you?

All it takes to be part of this movement is to listen when Jesus speaks to you. All it takes to be a Dunker Punk is to study, pray, and live lives enriched by Jesus and his love. If I can do it, you can do it!

Watch this video about one church that is getting excited about being a community full of Dunker Punks. Hopefully, you’ll see that being a Dunker Punk means you wont be alone on this journey. Think about how being a Dunker Punk could look in your life. Then create your own Dunker Punk profile, so Dunker Punks everywhere can see what you’re up to!

Do you have your own video of you and your church, youth group, or friends being Dunker Punks? Then tweet us, Facebook us, or email us, so the whole movement can see!


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